invisibliX 3.2


General Purpose

InvisibliX is a Mac OS X freeware that makes easier to show and manipulate hidden files in the Finder. It comes with a very minimalistic design and all features you need to take control of invisible files on your Mac.

Drag and drop a file from the Finder
Toggle visibility of hidden files in the Finder

Neet Integration

InvisibliX provides a Finder menu with handy features to give you the full control over hidden files anywhere in your Finder.

  • Show and hide hidden files in the Finder
  • Toggle visibility of selected files in the Finder
  • Quickly open invisibliX to go further


InvisibliX should work on most of current Macintoshs and operating systems. Be sure to respect the following requirements.

  • 32/64 bits Intel Mac
  • Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher
  • Some files :-)